HeartStones - beautiful memorial stones handpainted on New Zealand riverstones.


HeartStones - creating lasting memorials from individually selected riverstones. Each stone is carefully chosen and handpainted with love.

At a time of sadness a HeartStone can bring a touch of joy and beauty for you to keep. The painted stones are fully weather-proof and can be placed under trees, in gardens, as a head-stone on a burial place or simply kept nearby as a special reminder. 

HeartStones also make a caring and sensitive gift when you simply want to show you care. 


After several years of painting stones for various family pets I began to receive requests from friends and friends-of-friends for memorial stones for their pets.  Over time it has become evident that the stones fulfill a need for a tangible reminder of the animals who mean so much to us.  The design can be anything from simply a name and date to a floral extravaganza! 

When thinking of a name for the stones I was searching for something that reflected feeling as well as the material used - HeartStones perfectly reflects the love and empathy that goes into every stone painted. 

I love to hear a little about the animal you're remembering - was it a quirky cat full of mischief,  a laid-back dog who loved to laze in the sun, or even a little goldfish who out-grew several tanks over the many years he was a part of your life?

No matter what sort of animal it was they all hold a special place in our hearts.

Special Requests - On occasion I have had the enormous privilege to paint small HeartStones for loved people. The families involved have been very happy with their memorials. Please feel free to contact me if you would like a HeartStone for any special memorial.  


"My father was moved to tears when he received his wee dog's memorial stone.  It's beautiful.  Thank you so much" -- Diane

"Thank you very much for painting the stone for me.  I just love it, it's so lovely and you've made such a great job of it." -- Ann

"A beautiful constant reminder of the good times we had with Bodi." - Robert & Anne


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